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FT Snap Button Connector - Sieger Sukkah

FT Snap Button Connector


All of our Sieger Snap Button Sukkah Kits come with every tarp, pole, bungee cord and connector required for assembly, but we also offer a variety of additional parts and connectors to help you maximize the space within your Sukkah.

Our FT Snap Button Connectors are designed to help you connect two Sukkahs without running an additional pole along the floor. Just place your FT Snap Button Connector at the base of your Sukkah and you can easily create a larger Sukkah for your next Sukkot celebration without the inconvenience and tripping hazard of another bar.

Sieger Sukkah is the only company to sell replacement and expansion connectors for your Sukkah. We offer F3, F4, FL and FT connectors to help you create the right sized Sukkah to suit your guests in little to no time.

Take the annoyance out of finding replacement parts for your Sukkah at the last minute. Order your FT Snap Button Connectors today and always be ready to assemble your Sukkah!



Bungee Cords


Button Hole Pole


White Sukkah Tarp (6x8)


White Sukkah Tarp (8x10)




F3 Snap Button Connector

Easily adjoin three snap button poles and expand the space of your Sieger Snap Button Sukkah with an F3 Snap Button Connector.


F4 Snap Button Connector

Quickly connect four snap button poles in no time using a single F4 Snap Button Connector.


FL Snap Button Connector

Use an FL Snap Button Connector in your doorway to expand your Sukkah without adding about bar along the ground.


Snap Button Pole

Choose between 3 and 5 foot Snap Button Poles for your Sieger Snap Button Sukkah.



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