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Artificial Turf (40" x 28")

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Brand: RoundLove

Color: 40inX28in


  • ✅PERFORMANCE - This synthetic grass is resistant to high temperature, therefore suitable for high temperature area (like Las Vegas). With drainage holes in rubber back, this artificial fake grass mats can also be used during rain and snow weather. You can just put this synthetic grass mat on concrete or other ground. This outdoor pet grass holds up durably without fading. No mowing, fertilizers or pesticides. Our outdoor pet grass can be easily washed by hose.
  • ✅CUT OT FIT AREA SHAPE - This premium synthetic grass mat is UV and heat resistant. The blades are not easily be split or perished. This synthetic grass mat can be trimmed to fit your space. This artificial grass patches has a rubber backing with holes for regular scissors to cut a proper shape. Roundlove synthetic turf grass is great for patios, around pools, sports fields, play grounds, garden, kindergarten, roof, balcony, terrace, park, villa, pet dog area and house decoration, etc.
  • ✅ATTACHED TOGETHER - You can put two turfs side by side and then use carpet tape to attach them together. You can also use lawn spikes to hold them down,lined up next to each other. The blades of this artificial synthetic grass patch have a very natural 4-tone color that closely resembles the autumnal grass turf.It is soft and non-toxic with the grass blades be about 1.2" in length. Allow you touch free and not worry about environmental pollution caused by heavy metals.It can be used many times.
  • ✅WHERE TO USE - 1. Training puppy : With natural-looking 4-tone color blades, you can have this pet safe synthetic grass in your side yard. 2. Sports area, like soccer practice area in backyard. This synthetic grass mat is thick enough to be used for soccer cleats. 3. This synthetic grass mat can be used indoors such as bathroom, balcony. 4. Also outdoor artificial grass patch makes a good back yard play area for the kids, you can buy largest size and put them together to landscape you yard.
  • ✅HOW TO CLEAN - 1.Pet feces, and mud, soot:You can wash it with water;2.Blood stains:You can wash it with salt warm water.3:Ink and chocolate sugar:use 30-40G neutral cleaning agent,mixed with 1L of warm water.4: Grease and scrub:you can use PVC with a cloth stained after wiping the grease or chewing gum,the chewing gum can be used to cooling method to remove.Tips:Want other size?Please feel free contact us through email.Delivered in 9 days(quickest).Max.size as one piece: 2*25m/6.56ft x 82ft

Publisher: theLittleHouseUS

Details: RoundLove synthetic grass can be used both outdoor and indoor on floor, porch as well as wall.

Camping and Hiking with Dogs. You can roll this synthetic grass mat and carry it to play with your lovely dog.

RoundLove synthetic turf is available for garden,courtyard,pool,office,house,community,resort,club,
balcony,rooftop,hotel,yacht,park,hospital,path,terrace,sun room,playground,exhibition,display window,
public square,commercial & residential landscaping,etc

RoundLove synthetic grass is dense, soft and natural look.
Rubber-backed with drainage holes. This synthetic turf grass can be washed to stay clean.
High quality synthetic material. Eco-friendly and non-toxic. Also mildew proof.
Durable material against undue fading and fiber degradation.

Used for all year round: Suitable for high temperature (like Las Vegas), rain and snow weather, non-flammable.

Easy installation: Turf tape can be purchased separately to attach them together, or cut it to fit your exact requirements.

For entrance: This synthetic grass mat clean shoes every time you enter your home.

Low maintenance: No mowing, no fertilizers or pesticides.

Eco-friendly: Not release toxic chemicals or include heavy metal. Touch free and not worry about heavy metal pollution.

Durable: More durable than common artificial grass. It can be used many times. The blades will not easy split and against undue fiber degradation.

Keep colours fresh: It resistant to UV fading and heat, and against weather wear & tear.

Non-flammable: The blades will not fire, can only be melted by fire.

Other clean way: Use the shovel or snow blower to clean snow. Leaf blower can cleans up leaves or rain or sand.

Want other size? Please feel free contact us through email.Delivered in 9 days(quickest).

EAN: 6937266000410

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