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Sukkah Poster

Sukkah Poster

Color: Navy


  • Each masechta listed according to seder
  • Full-color, detailed photographic illustrations, arranged in a striking collage
  • Beautify your sukkah and invite discussion
  • Valuable educational resource and classroom aide
  • 30" x 20", fully laminated, durable and easy to clean

Publisher: Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah

Details: Full-color, laminated, 30 " x 20" Shishah Sidrei Mishnah poster. Includes complete breakdown of each seder of the Mishnah, with every masechta listed according to the appropriate seder. Stunning, vivid photos illustrate such concepts as chalitzah, eilu metzios, bikkurim, korbanos, and many others. Beautify your sukkah or enhance your classroom. Use as a springboard for family or classroom discussions. Engage your and your students' curiosity. Beautifully designed, one-of-kind, durable, easy-to-clean poster.

UPC: 642782907148

EAN: 0642782907148

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