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Travel Sukkah

Travel Sukkah

Bring the holiday to life with your Travel Sukkah & Portable Mehadrin Schach Mat! Super portable, sturdy, lightweight and compact, The Travel Sukkah is sure to enhance your Chol Hamoed trips! The whole Sukkah folds into a small, easy to carry bag which makes taking it with you a total breeze. The Travel Sukkah sets up in a matter of seconds, and take down is simple with our easy-to-use instructions!

Key Features:

  1. Pops Up in Seconds
  2. Folds into Small Carry Bag
  3. Easy to fold
  4. Fits 1-2 People
  5. Measures 3 x 3 Feet
  6. Comes with Mehadrin Schach Mat in Easy Carry Bag

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