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Schach (Bamboo Mats)

Size Price
6' x 8' $115
6' x 10' $139
6' x 12' $150
8' x 10' $165
8' x 12'  $185



Our Sukkah Roof Schach is the perfect roof covering for your Sieger Sukkah. Each bamboo roof covering is kosher certified and seamlessly pairs with Sieger Snap Button Sukkot Sukkah Kits to give you a superior fit and full coverage.

Sieger Schach are made from raffia, a soft, pliable and strong fiber harvested from the raffia palm of Madagascar and is known for its unique ability to retain its shape when wet. This durable, yet lightweight material makes our Sukkah roofs easy to install while ensuring long-lasting reusability. Get your Sieger Sukkah Roof Schach today!

Corresponding Sukkah Kits sold separately.

Sukkah Roof Schach Sizing Recommendations

Sukkah Size Mats Needed Support Poles Needed
6' x 6' 1 - 6' x 10' Mat 6 Support Poles
6' x 10' 1 - 6' x 10' Mat 6 Support Poles
10' x 10' 2 - 6' x 10' Mats 10 Support Poles
10' x 12' 2 - 6' x 10' Mats 12 Support Poles
10' x 16' 2 - 8' x 10' Mats 16 Support Poles
10' x 20' 

2 - 8' x  10' Mats, 1 - 6' 10' Mat

20 Support Poles


Please note that bamboo poles or wood slats are needed to support the mat and may be purchased at your local hardware store or lumber yard or at our Sieger Sukkah location in Los Angeles.

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