Face it: Sukkahs aren’t always as easy to set up and take down as advertised.

If you’ve found yourself having to wrestle with various poles, tarps, and tools just to get your Sukkah up and running, you aren’t alone, but there is an easier way.

Here at Sieger Sukkah, we’ve mastered the art of getting things done quickly and efficiently, and our Sukkahs are living proof.

Stop trying to figure out pages of instructional material and opt for something that’s as simple as tying your shoes.

Here’s a closer look at what sets our Sukkahs apart:

No tools needed. When you order a Sukkah from us, you get everything you need in the box. No additional tools are needed, and you don’t have to be an engineering expert either. Just follow the simple steps and voila!

Assembles in minutes. You have better things to do on your weekend than trying to solve “the puzzle of the sukkah.” You can unpack, set-up, and have your Sukkah ready for seating in under 10-minutes. Amazing, don’t you think?

Easy storage. Once you’re done using your Sukkah, tearing it down and putting it away is just as easy. Folding it up requires only a few steps and our storage bags hold all of the extra materials.

Change your Sukkah experience for the better, and order from us today!